About Us

announcement We range from 200G marbled sirloin steak to salted egg popcorn chicken! All of your cravings can be satisfied here!
About Us

We are: A container restaurant that serves authentic Western cuisine at an affordable price with great atmosphere. Meat Lover, our speciality meat platter which includes grilled pork tenderloin, grilled chicken, chicken wings and cheesy popcorn chicken, a perfect side dish just for you and your friends to enjoy with drinks! 

Why we’re here: Apart from serving speciality beach favourites in a unique setting, we also strive to cater to the ‘hip’ youngsters who are looking for a place to unwind and bond with their friends.

This is my impact: We serve authentic western food, great atmosphere and affordable prices. We ensure that all customers are enjoying the environment, especially catering to the ‘hip’ youngsters who are looking for a venue to bond with their friends.

We support: Strengthen friendships and forge new friendships